Lekku Bracelet

Instead of Lekku necklace by Rachel Nelson-Smith, I made a Lekku Bracelet 🙂 Well, for Lekku necklace you need about 100 gr seed beads only in one color and then about 30 gr for a second color.  I don’t have that much in one color :). So, with 30 gr seed beads in one color and about 10 gr second color you can make a bracelet. It was really a fun to make this wonderful bracelet. I was enjoying. It’s very relaxing. So, if you need to relax yourself, or calm down after a busy or stressful day, this is a perfect way to do that instead of all kind of sedatives 🙂

I used Swarovski bicones 4mm for the middle part, but you can use all kind of beads – drop beads, flowers, leaves etc…

It looks wonderful around the wrist.