Morning Glory pendant beaded by my Beading Friends

I really want to show you  the photos of the finished Morning Glory Pendant, beaded by my beading friends, using my tutorial.

Wow! I am impressed! I thought Morning Glory is a difficult project. But when I see the results… beautiful!  Are my tutorials so good or are my beading friends so clever and skilled?
I know for sure the last ☺

On the left the original picture and  below the photos beaded by my Beading friends.




You can find the Beading tutorial for Morning Glory pendant here.

Please let me know:

– When you want your photo linked to your blog, site or shop;
– when you don’t want your photos on my site.
Sometimes I have to modify the size of the photo otherwise it will not fit on the screen.

Dear friends,  Thank you very much for all your sharing, inspiration and support!