You bought a beading tutorial from Ellad2 and then?
You have to search for the materials…

Not anymore! Now you can buy the best solution of two worlds: A complete bead kit with material from CzechLaVie and the Beading Tutorial from Ellad2 

Do you know why Bead kits are so popular?
– They are fun and cost effective;
– when your Bead kit arrives you can directly start;
– they include just what you need;
– It is easy- no searching anymore for materials;
– It is a perfect gift;
– for beginners absolutely the best way to start beading.

So, we are proud to present you the first bead kits from CzechLaVie and Ellad2
You are not buying the Bead Kits from Ellad2, but when you click on the pictures you will be redirected to the Etsy shop from CzechLaVie.
Alma-Earrings Bead-Kits--CzechLaVie-Ellad2Amarante-Bead-Kits--CzechLaVie -Ellad2

Duoletta-Bracelet-Bead-Kits--CzechLaVie -Ellad2

Duoletta-Bracelet-Bead-Kit--Gold-CzechLaVie -Ellad2

Peletta-Bracelet-Bead-Kit--CzechLaVie -Ellad2

Peletta-Bracelet-Bead-Kit--Moon-Dust-CzechLaVie -Ellad2Peletta-Necklace-Bead-Kit--CzechLaVie-Ellad2