Maroon bracelet beaded by my Beading Friends

Can you wish for better reviews, than when your beadings friends are sending you the pictures of the finished beadwork, what they made using my tutorial.  Here are the photos of Maroon bracelet, beaded by my beading friends.
Maroon bracelet is one of the most popular tutorial in my whole collection.

When I see (for the xxx time) all the creations, I am still impressed, proud  and inspired by the work of all my international beading friends.

It is really amazing when you look at color combinations and variations!


And some written reviews…

MetalGrannie – Jun 10, 2014

Someone posted a picture of a bracelet made from this tutorial . . . I just had to have it!

Rachel Rios – Nov 5, 2015

Easy Download. Beautiful. I’m still collecting all the material. Looks challenging, but it seems a great tutorial with helpful pictures. The pattern and illustrations are quite clear.

Reviewed by Anonymous – Jun 22, 2013

OMG!! This bracelet is beautiful! The directions have to be the best I have ever seen!! Thank you SO much!!

Julie  – Feb 10, 2021

Love this tutorial! Just a gorgeous bracelet! Directions are so easy to follow! I will definitely buy from Ellad2 again!

EdeMay  – Mar 24, 2014

I am now beading this lovely bracelet, it is so nice can’t wait to finish it and show it of, I am using similar colours and Love it.

Martine Veillette Mar 15, 2016

really like the look. Good instructions but the fringe is a little tricky. Needs a little practice to make sure the tension is even

Melanie Holowachuk Mar 14, 2019



Nancy  – Dreher May 22, 2015

Beautiful patterns!

Reviewed by Anonymous Mar 25, 2013

Received tutorial very quickly. It is very detailed with zoomed-in color photos. The design is beautiful! I’m very happy with this purchase and would definitely buy from this seller again.

Stefanie Schopf –  Oct 9, 2014

Perfect tutorial! Thanks a lot! Greetings from Austria.
Great pattern!

Cordula Stobernack  – Aug 23, 2016

Very good tutorial. Easy to follow. Bracelet looks elegant!


Tiffany –  May 14, 2014

Great easy to follow instructions!

Linda Skander  – Apr 1, 2014

This is just so elegant looking! Thanks to a great designer and seller!

mirandagdesignscom –  Nov 18, 2014

One of my most favorite Etsy purchases ever!

Reviewed by Anonymous  – May 17, 2013

Great tutorial! Very well explained! Thank you!

Jim and Mary Rosseau –  Mar 4, 2014

Very clear instructions, beautiful results!

Rachael Guthrie Sep 23, 2014

I love all of Ellad2’s patterns! Always a pleasure doing business with you, and the patterns are so simple to follow along!

Ann Weber Aug 4, 2015

Wonderful, detailed tutorial – as always! Thank you!

KazzMakes Jun 5, 2020

Love this pattern, have coveted it for ages, easy to follow and highly recommended, pattern and artist xx

Reviewed by Inactive  – May 20, 2014

Very precise and clear instructions. Love it and will post the finished piece.

cheryl johansen –  Sep 9, 2014

Beautiful pattern. Haven’t made it yet

halloweenscream  – May 13, 2014

Beautiful. Easy instructions. You’ll love it

Reviewed by Anonymous –  May 29, 2013

Beautiful pattern. Cannot wait to make the finished piece.

Reviewed by Anonymous  – Jul 6, 2013


Wonderful tutorial. Thank you!!


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