Free beading tutorials - Beading Patterns and Tutorials by Ellad2

On this page you can can find some free basic stitches for beginners! and some free beading tutorials. But don’t forget to search in my shop for more advanced beading tutorials.

When I have started to bead  I realized that I have a big handicap:

I really cannot read beading diagrams 🙂

For sure, I am more a visual person. When I see a picture I understand it much better. After a while I realized that there are more people like me…

That is why my beading tutorials  are: Easy to follow, with color photos of each step and with clear written instructions.


Some basic  beading stitches:

       Free Tutorial Flat Odd Peyote Stitch - Ellad2        Free Beading Tutorial Flat Even Peyote Stich- Ellad2       Free beading Tutorial Cute RIng -Ellad2        Free beading Tutorial Flat Right Angle Weave - Ellad2

Free beading tutorials: