Eva Maria Keiser

Originally is from Vienna, Austria, currently resides in Boise, Idaho, USA.

In 2000 bead art was serendipitously introduced, complimenting a multi-generational heritage of needlework. The medium of beads added a new dimension of texture and light refraction. Her passion for architected structural design was renewed from witnessing the grandeur of European masters. Many hours are dedicated to the study and mastery of beadwork exploration.
Interactive narratives, surprising interiors, unique colorways, and tactility attained from multiple layers best describe her work (source: Eva Maria Keiser Designes Facebook page)

But more than that, she said: “Beadwork allows me to remember, to forget, to forgive, and to have a universal voice… (source: Zoya Gutina Newslater, feautered artist Eva Maria Keiser).

When I started to bead I had luck to find her web site and especially her ‘Learn‘ page with free tutorials. First, I was amazed with her beadwork and I was thinking:”Wow, am I ever going to reach that level?” 🙂 Then and still Eva Maria Keiser is my ‘bead star’.

You know, we all have our own way of thinking when we are beading, our own structure and way how we are doing things. I fell in love in her way of thinking…

I’ve started with ‘Galaxy series‘  and now I still admire to her Ponering Pods – Posh-Pod . Especially in that tutorial you will see what I mean with ‘her way of thinking’…

Her architectural and structural beadwork, combination of beads, combination of stitches, color combinations… It’s just amazing! And it’s absolutely unique. Once familiar with her work, you will always recognize it.

It’s wonderful that such a ‘beading master’ shares her knowledge, beading tips&tricks. Lately, beside her new beadwork serious, she puts a lot of efforts in educational part, especially on her blog. I would say it’s a gorgeous place for all of us to find everything on one place. In the title of her blog you will see ‘Look – Learn – Share – Inspire’ and also ‘Complimentary e-patterns’. And that is exactly right description of her blog.

Till now, I’ve noticed that she has 63 posts about beading techniques!  I said, till now… 🙂



You will find there her free tutorials, video tutorials about jewelry making (also other great tutorials) and wonderful Artisan Color Way Series.

You will see the work of artists from all around the world, you will be inspired with their colors and their work. It can give you some idea for your next piece of jewelry or it will make it easier for you to choose the colors. Great way to combine beautiful and useful…

I was honored to be a part of that with my Fiesta Necklace. 



Her latest ingenious architectural masterpieces are  Chess Piece Serie ,  Double Decker Ring Box, Jewel Capsule… Her engineering is incredible!

So, if you want to learn and to be inspired, if you want to find everything on one place, feel free to visit her blog.

If you want to follow her amazing work and also to learn from her tutorials, feel free to visit her web site.

One more thing…

Even my husband knows who is Eva Maria Keiser, because of her famous quote: “When I’m not beading, I’m sleeping.” 🙂 and because he had heard me many times to mention her work. Once he told me, “It turns out that you have a sister somewhere in the World that you haven’t met before?” :):)

I asked him what he thinks what should be the title of the post, he said: “Beading with heart and soul”  Great, he feels the spirit…

Ok. his title is accepted as a part of the post, but my title is on!!! 🙂

So, before you go to visit her blog and web site, just a little peek on her latest breathtaking projects:







































Source: Eva Maria Keiser blog