bracelet preciosa

Bracelet Preciosa is another tutorial for beginners

Actually it’s for everyone 🙂 You can make this bracelet very easy and quickly.

Preciosa on spanish means “beautiful” and this bracelet is very beautiful…
Pulsera preciosa (beautiful bracelet)… If I continue, I will give you a spanish lesson 🙂

It’s right angle weave and embellishment. Firepolished beads and seed beads size 11.
Of course, all kind of modifications are possible. Maybe to put somewhere seed beads size 8? Or instead of firepolished beads…  Swarovski bicones? Or more colors?

bracelet preciosa

Laure Bijoux made this bracelet using my Tutorial and I invite you to visit her web site  Creations Laure .  You will be delighted and surprised with the creations  she is making.
Amazing and Wonderful!!!

Tutorial is available in my shop

Happy beading!

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