Beaded bead earrings No. 4

Beaded bead earrings

I like to make beaded beads as you can see 🙂 Usually I make earrings with them, but it can be very interesting to use them as a part of the bracelet or necklace or wear it as a pendant.

For these earrings you really need a Tulip needle.  Tulip needles are much more stronger, they not bend so easy or break. I use No. 11 for my beading projects.  I am using one needle already almost 4 weeks and I can tell you that it’s still in very good condition. It’s amazing! I saved a lot of money and frustration.

Helena Tang-Lim is a distributor of Tulip beading needles .  She really chose a great product!

I found them thanks to Ivonne Kronenberg who has a great Pottery Store and Bead Boutique “Create It PYOP” in Alphen aan den Rijn (Holland). If you ever go in that way, visit her wonderful shop. You can find a lot of Miyuki beads (Delica beads, seed beads, cubes etc), findings, glass pearls, tools etc. and of course those great Tulip beading needles.

Tutorial/Beading pattern for these earrings is available here.

Happy beading!