Versus Bracelet with twin beads

This is a elegant bracelet embellished with Swarovski bicones. The shape of the bracelet is something what you could find interesting in order to make a great necklace…

You don’t need too much time to make Versus Bracelet. It’s going fast even on some places where it’s not so easy.

The material you need for a Versus Bracelet long 17 cm without a clasp:

– Miyuki seed beads 11/0
– Miyuki seed beads 15/0
– Miyuki seed beads 8/0
– Czech Twin seed beads with two hole (You can find great assortment of Twin seed beads in GotbeadsNY shop on Etsy, for example…)
– Swarovski bicones 4mm
– Clasp
– FireLine 0.006 or Nymo thread D
– Beading needle size 12

Versus Bracelet is a new design with Czech Twin beads
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