Turtle Pendant

The turtle has a few predators, which gives it an innocent energy. This also increases its lifespan, and so holds the symbolic meaning for longevity in many cultures.

After I saw a sea turtle, swimming around our boat, I decided to make one. Here it is!

Beading instruction for the Turtle Pendant has 30 pages with a lot of photos.

For beaded Turtle Pendant you need:

– Seed beads size 15/0 and 11/0
– Swarovski bicones 3mm and 4mm
– Swarovski  cabochon 4120, oval shaped 18x13mm
– Swarovski pearls 4mm (or other pearls what you have in that size)
– FireLine 0.006 (recommend) or Nymo thread D
– Beading needle size 12

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