Sunflower Earrings

Again  an easy and quick project. It is also suitable for beginners.
Beading instruction for Sunflower Earrings is very detailed with photos of each step.
Size of the earrings:
The ‘golden’ earrings are almost 6 cm/2.36″ and the blue ones are almost 5 cm/1.96″ without ear wires.
For more inspiration see the wonderful work what my beading friends already made.

Material you need:

– Seed beads size 11 (I used Toho permanent finish starlight)
– Pearls 6mm and 4mm (Swarovski pears 11x8mm for one earrings, fire-polished beads 4mm for the second earrings)
– Twin seed beads or Super duo
– Ear wires
– FireLine 0.06 or Nymo thread D
– Beading needle size 12

Ear wires I bought in Etsy shop ‘Beadsmaker

Beading tutorial for Sunflower Earrings also available in Italian here

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