This is my relatively simple version of “Rick rack peyote stitched bangle”

It is fun and very “meditative” beading project. You have to be focus on the pattern, but also when you get the principle you can be much more relaxed.

My Rick Rack Peyote stitched bangle has 20 beads per side, 7 peacks and it’s 20.9cm long (5.5 cm high).
Cath Thomas made a fantastic job and offer for free instruction about rick rack bangles, graphs and measures. You can find it here. Thank you Cath!

You can off course make this cuff as a flat rick rack bracelet and add some nice clasp.

And the third option is to use very smart idea from Kate McKinnon and first make a podcast with 14 beads size 8/0 (what will give you 7 peaks if that is your size…) and then casting it off from the podcast continue with your cuff. You can find the tutorial here. Thank you Kate.

I think I explained quite enough and good enough the whole principle (on 14 pages). So, you should only be familiar with peyote stitch.

The bangle is not demanding also when it’s about number of colors (4 colors of Delicas). You can use your color combinations.

Material you need:

  • Miyuki Delica beads 11/0
  • Miyuki round seed beads 11/0, 8/0 (you can use 11/0 instead) and 15/0
  • Swarovski bicones 4mm (2 colors)
  • Nymo D or C-Lon beading thread (I don’t recommend FireLine for this project)
  • Beading needle size 12 or Tulip needle size 11

Beading tutorial has Bead chart and Word chart. Also, step by step tutorial with photos for the first 4 rows and the last 2 rows in case that you want to make embellishment with bicones (you don’t have to, it’s optional).

The Beading Tutorial for Rick Rack Bangle is a PDF file.

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