Pearly Flower

In this step by step Tutorial you will learn Triangle weave as a base. It is a very detailled tutorial with  photos of each step.
I made earrings, but the shape is so beautiful that you also can make a bracelet (few of Pearly Flowers connected) or a pendant. Or just make a whole set. 🙂

Material you need:
– Pearls 6mm – 6 pcs
– Pearls 4 mm (12 pcs)
– Pearls 3 mm (12 pcs)
– Seed beads size 11, 15 and
– Delica beads size 11 (it’s 12 delica beads and it’s not necessary, you can use also seed beads instead)
– Earrings wire
– Nymo thread or nylon

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