Fiesta Necklace

Is made with a lot of seed beads, bicones, fire-polished beads and flowers … Actually you can use what ever you have in order to embellish your necklace.

The base of the the Fiesta necklace is tubular netting beading stitch with some variations. I’ve explained the stitch, step by step.

Beside the Fiesta necklace with acrylic flowers, I made a Variation  for all of you who don’t want to use flowers. I’ve explained different way of embellishment in the middle of the necklace.  The variation is with a purple Polaris ball, but you can put any big pearl you have, or pendant…

Tutorial is very detailed. Step by step beading instructions. Easy to follow and with photos of each step.

Material you need:
Seed beads size 15/0, 11/0,
Swarovski bicone 3mm,
Fire-polished beads 4mm,
Dagger beads 5x16mm,
Transparent Violet Acrylic Flower Beads, 13mm (I bought mine in this Etsy shop: ),
pearls 8mm, Polaris ball 18mm (or any bead what you have…).

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