Tutorial Beaded Ballisimo

Beading Tutorial Beaded Ballisimo

Beaded Ballisimo

Beaded bead…wooden core 16mm, but when you learn the system, it doesn’t metter is it 12 or 15 or 25 mm bead…
I will show you step by step (row by row) how to make this “Ballisimo”.

I explained in this tutorial some tips&tricks, so it will be easy for you to make your Ballisimo from any size of wooden bead…

I don’t believe in: “For wooden bead of 16 mm you should do like this” , then “For a wooden bead of 18 mm you should do like this” and etc.
That means that you have to buy for example 5 Tutorials to have a whole collection.
Come on, it’s not a NASA project! :)

You are welcome to sell items you make from my beading tutorials you have purchased. See my Terms&Conditions

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