Beading Tutorial Pinch Ring by Ellad2

Tutorial Pinch Ring

Beading Tutorial Pinch Ring by Ellad2

Pinch Ring

is an easy and quick beading project with new pinch beads (and a little bit o-beads…).

Instead of pinch beads you can use Swarovski bicones 4mm or Fire-polished beads 4mm.

Czech Glass Pinch Beads are oval beads that have been “pinched” to form a triangular shaped bead.

Beading Tutorial for Pinch Ring with pinch beads is very detailed with clear beading instructions, step by step and with photos of each step.

Material you need:

– Miyuki seed beads 11/0, 15/0
– Luna Soft cab 18mm
– Pinch beads
– O-beads
– Adjustable ring base with flat pad 10mm or 12mm
– Glue 6000
– FireLine 0.06 or gold Nymo D thread
– Needle size 12 or even better Tulip needle 11

In US you can find Pinch beads for example in Fusionbeads.
You can also find them in some Etsy shops.

In Europe Pinch beads for example here:
Beadhouse (Holland)
Perlesandco (France)
Totalrocailles (Luxembourg)

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