Trust people

I want to TRUST!
I want to trust a person; I want to believe that they have the best interest at heart. I want to believe they wouldn’t do something to hurt me or for selfish gain. I want to rely on them. (-askville-)

When I sell my beading tutorials, I want to trust that my buyers respect my designs and my hard work. Luckily I have a lot of beading friends who are doing that.

But, after several negative experiences I decided to make terms & conditions. Something I hate, because why I have to tell something that everybody already knows? Do you think it will help when you make these “rules”?

A few examples from my experience: (My husband calls this “the shadow side of success” :))

  •  Bead stores are selling my tutorials
  •  My Beading tutorials are included in kits
  •  Someone started an advertising campaign by sending my tutorial to 100 people in order to fulfill her beading classes.
  •  A bead club member was buying one tutorial and shared it with the whole club.
  • etc etc.

And what is even worst, they think I will never discover what they are doing.

If you are the person who has broken my trust, you have no right to expect anything from me, especially trust. Sorry, but you earned my distrust.
That also means that you are ready to face the consequences of your misconduct.

Beading is my passion and I put a lot of effort and time in designing, making and writing beading tutorials.
When I see how other beaders are making more beautiful pieces using my designs, I am only proud, impressed, inspired and sometimes a little bit….. jealous.

Really…. My ego is not that big 🙂