Pearl Blush Bracelet

Is fresh and sweet with a touch of elegance. So, bring a little bit of awesome into your day with this stunner.

It looks wonderful around the wrist. It should fit tightly but you can wear it a little bit loose also…

It is not difficult to make this Pearl Blush bracelet. Yes, they are a lot of layers/rows… but I was enjoying with each new layer I put.
Of course that I was trying and trying different things before I came with this final design :). Still I am thinking I could make it on a different way 🙂

First I was thinking to make a necklace (using only the first part of the bracelet). Then I realize that I don’t have enough pearls (as always… :)), so I had to work with a bracelet. But, ok I am used on those changes. It happens to me all the time 🙂

So, if you like my Pearl Blush bracelet, here you can find the tutorial.


 Pearl Blush Bracelet beaded by Antje Köhler! Beautiful!!!

Beading Tutorials and Patterns by Ellad2