Lovely Beads by Zoya Gutina

If you want to learn about beading,  if you want to be inform about new beading trends, materials, techniques  if you want to be inspired or just be IN with everything what is going on in the ‘beading world’ then you should follow the web site (My Lovely Beads) and blog of Zoya Gutina, famous bead artist with many international awards.

Zoya Gutina photoZoya Gutina was born and raised in the USSR, but for the more than 10 years has lived in the United States in New York City and now in Alexandria, Virginia. She holds a Diploma from the College of Culture in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), Russia.

Zoya is an internationally known gemstone and beaded jewelry artist, a blogger and a publisher, a first place winner and a veteran exhibitor in many jewelry design competitions.

Over recent years she has developed her own unique style in beaded jewelry. Zoya Gutina is a proud member of the Torpedo Factory Artist Association, the Bead Society of Greater New York.

Her amazing bead work is inspiration for all of us. You can read more about Zoya here.

Zoya’s Newsletters are a “must read”:

– You can meet beaders all around the world,
– You can read and learn about jewelry and jewelry making, beads, pearls, gemstones and birthstones, zodiac sings…
– You can be inform about new Fairs, Exhibitions, Contests (upcoming events)
– You can learn new stitches, techniques…
– You can be inspired with Beadwork galleries (more than 130 galleries …)…etc. etc…

I was honored to be in her last Newsletter as a feature artist.

Zoya has organized her third Fashion Colorworks contest (2012 has just finished). You can find all of the details, including this year’s color palettes and winners, at the Fashion Colorworks Contest website.

The concept of the contest is very interesting. Entries in the contest must use one of the three different color combinations from the Pantone Color Institute posted on the Fashion Colorworks contest website. Collaborations between up to four artists are allowed.
The Fashion Colorworks contest is open to beaders from around the world, both amateur and professional and it’s free.

And now, enjoy in some of Zoya’s wonderful designs: