Free beading tutorialEllad2 ….. Down Under!

I was very proud that I was invited by Kelly Nealon to make a Beading Tutorial for Digital Beading Australia.  I made Midnight Magic, a wonderful set (necklace and earrings)

Just take a look at this magazine (158 pages), you will see a lot of other wonderful projects, inspirational interviews with some of the world’s best beaded jewellery designers and creative ideas. You can also find this digital magazine on Facebook

And of course I don’t want that my customers will miss this Beading Tutorial .

You can call me crazy… but I give this one for FREE!
Like all  free beading tutorials, this one is also somewhere in my shop…. Try to find it, share this tutorial as much as you want and pay with a “like” 🙂

Enjoy and happy beading!