Bead Kits from CzechLaVie & Ellad2


You bought a beading tutorial from Ellad2 and then?
You have to search for the materials…

Not anymore! Now you can buy the best solution of two worlds: A complete bead kit with material from CzechLaVie and the Beading Tutorial from Ellad2 

Do you know why Bead kits are so popular?
– They are fun and cost effective;
– when your Bead kit arrives you can directly start;
– they include just what you need;
– It is easy- no searching anymore for materials;
– It is a perfect gift;
– for beginners absolutely the best way to start beading.

So, we are proud to present you the first bead kits from CzechLaVie and Ellad2
You are not buying the Bead Kits from Ellad2, but when you click on the pictures you will be redirected to the Etsy shop from CzechLaVie.
Alma-Earrings Bead-Kits--CzechLaVie-Ellad2Amarante-Bead-Kits--CzechLaVie -Ellad2

Duoletta-Bracelet-Bead-Kits--CzechLaVie -Ellad2

Duoletta-Bracelet-Bead-Kit--Gold-CzechLaVie -Ellad2

Peletta-Bracelet-Bead-Kit--CzechLaVie -Ellad2

Peletta-Bracelet-Bead-Kit--Moon-Dust-CzechLaVie -Ellad2Peletta-Necklace-Bead-Kit--CzechLaVie-Ellad2





New beads

Find the inspiration, add shape and texture in your jewelry with new beads…

Dear beading friends,

Lately there are many different new types of beads on the market.
Czech beads came with: Piggy Beads, O-Beads, Pinch beads, two hole Triangle Beads and (already old) Superduo beads. Great, but I don’t want to miss my standard Delica beads and Seed beads.

Again a challenge to work with these new types of beads, but I think I succeeded.
Take a look at my latest Beading Tutorials made with these new beads.

Happy Beading


Here are a few examples:

Beading-Tutorial-Pinchy-bracelet  Beading-Tutorial-Pinchy-necklace-by-Ellad2  Beading Tutorial O-Bracelet by Ellad2  Beading Tutorial O-Caribbean Bracelet by Ellad2

Beading Tutorial Aurora Pendant Ellad2 Beading-tutorial-Anais Brooch   New Beads-Beading Tutorial Zoe Pendant by Ellad2  New Beads-Beading Tutorial O-Duo Bracelet by Ellad2

Ellad2 habla español

Ellad2 habla espanolCristina  (Ababeads & ChzechLaVie) and Ella, are proud to present the beginning of Ellad2 in Spanish:

Tutoriales y Patrones de Abalorios

For all my Spanish beading friends we decided to start with Beading Tutorials in Spanish.
Currently, 9 tutorials are available on the site and we are working hard to get them all in Spanish for you but that will take some time.  Just take a look at this little baby 🙂

Tutorials in English (who are still not traslated), you always can find at

Visit the Spanish shop!

Happy Beading!

Cristina & Ella

Salinas Ring

Beading Tutorial Salinas RingMy Salinas Ring..

Two full days I was working on this design, so no time for cooking and cleaning…
(poor me 🙂 )

But I am very satisfied with the result and it is definitely a beautiful and challenging beading project. It is not quick and easy, also not suitable for beginners and beaders without patience.

I am looking forward to the photos of your finished work of this Beading Tutorial.

Yesterday I was a little overwhelmed from the reactions on Facebook about this ring.
It was for me the motivation to get up early and dedicate myself to make the tutorial for “Salinas Ring” Again no cooking and cleaning.

When I was making this ring, I did a great invention 🙂

I made this ring with a Tulip needle with a broken top.
I thought: That is how beading needles have to be – blunt. When they are sharp you can easy damage the thread and you know what consequences that will have…

Maybe they are already on the market and if not…
This is a great opportunity for needle makers! 🙂

We are with our boat (house, office, workshop, studio, transportation device and communication center) on anchor in the bay by Salinas, Puerto Rico.
Totally sheltered behind reefs and mangroves. The boat is not moving at all, it is so quiet and peaceful and that is exactly the kind of place you need when you are making this ring 🙂
That’s why… Salinas Ring!

And here it is:  Beading Tutorial Salinas Ring

Free Beading Tutorial…Midnight Magic

Free beading tutorialEllad2 ….. Down Under!

I was very proud that I was invited by Kelly Nealon to make a Beading Tutorial for Digital Beading Australia.  I made Midnight Magic, a wonderful set (necklace and earrings)

Just take a look at this magazine (158 pages), you will see a lot of other wonderful projects, inspirational interviews with some of the world’s best beaded jewellery designers and creative ideas. You can also find this digital magazine on Facebook

And of course I don’t want that my customers will miss this Beading Tutorial .

You can call me crazy… but I give this one for FREE!
Like all  free beading tutorials, this one is also somewhere in my shop…. Try to find it, share this tutorial as much as you want and pay with a “like” 🙂

Enjoy and happy beading!

Beading inspiration

Maroon-Bracelet-beaded-by-Puca- pure inspiration Today I spend a lot of time in my personal beading inspiration corner.

As you might know, I am organizing all the photo’s I have received of the finished work of my customers.

And every time I am amazed about their work. Look at the colors, combinations and photography. The photo of Puca can come right out of a magazine!

My category “beaded by my beading friends ” today expand with Maroon bracelet.

So when you are looking for beading inspiration take a look at these collections:

1. Eau de Source braclet
2. Super Square earrings ( can you imagine 60 variations)
3. Sunflower earrings
4. Go Girl earrings
5. Ladies Bangle bracelet
6. Maroon bracelet


Selling Beading Tutorials = Trust

Trust people

I want to TRUST!
I want to trust a person; I want to believe that they have the best interest at heart. I want to believe they wouldn’t do something to hurt me or for selfish gain. I want to rely on them. (-askville-)

When I sell my beading tutorials, I want to trust that my buyers respect my designs and my hard work. Luckily I have a lot of beading friends who are doing that.

But, after several negative experiences I decided to make terms & conditions. Something I hate, because why I have to tell something that everybody already knows? Do you think it will help when you make these “rules”?

A few examples from my experience: (My husband calls this “the shadow side of success” :))

  •  Bead stores are selling my tutorials
  •  My Beading tutorials are included in kits
  •  Someone started an advertising campaign by sending my tutorial to 100 people in order to fulfill her beading classes.
  •  A bead club member was buying one tutorial and shared it with the whole club.
  • etc etc.

And what is even worst, they think I will never discover what they are doing.

If you are the person who has broken my trust, you have no right to expect anything from me, especially trust. Sorry, but you earned my distrust.
That also means that you are ready to face the consequences of your misconduct.

Beading is my passion and I put a lot of effort and time in designing, making and writing beading tutorials.
When I see how other beaders are making more beautiful pieces using my designs, I am only proud, impressed, inspired and sometimes a little bit….. jealous.

Really…. My ego is not that big 🙂

Beaded by my Beading Friends

beading-friends-allround-the-worldMy international beading friends

Today I have started a beautiful but heavy job. I want to show you  the photos of the finished work what my beading friends made, using my beading tutorials.  I am impressed, proud  and inspired by their work. It is really amazing when you look at color combinations and variations.

Like we all know, you never have the right colors of beads when you start a project…  That is why I always want to have more and more beads. My husband is complaining that the boat is heeling to port, that is where my beads are 🙂 (Sailors always have to make things complicated port= left)

Can you imaging how happy I am when  I see all those beautiful colors what you are using?

I try to connect the photos with the tutorials. The first one is beading tutorial Eau de Source.  Just take a look here!

Please let me know:
– When you want your photo linked to your blog, site or shop;
– when you don’t want your photos on my site.
Sometimes I have to modify the size of the photo otherwise it will not fit on the screen.

Thank you very much for all your sharing, inspiration and support you are giving me!


Ellad2 speaks Italian

Betti and Ella, both passionate beaders, are proud to present the beginning of Ellad2 in Italian.

“Schemi e Tutorial di Perline”

After several requests, we have decided to start with the “Italian Beading Tutorials.” In this moment, 32 tutorials are available. Betty is doing all translations and much more and I am still the ‘mean beading machine’ 🙂

The other 91 are still in English. You can find them at
We are working hard to show them all in Italian.

Now, Ellad2 still have to learn Spanish, French, German and maybe Chinese?

Happy Beading!


New Beading Tutorials

New Beading Tutorials

Dear beading friends,

May I present you my latest (6) Beading Tutorials.
Hope you like them, you can find them at

Happy beading,


Beading Tutorial Madame Butterfly NecklaceMadame Butterfly
Here is an advanced beading project for you.

I fell in love with Swarovski crystal volcano rivolis…
I’ve started with earrings, then I decided to make a bracelet and finally I finished with a necklace around my neck 🙂

Beading Tutorial Spiky PendantSpiky Pendant

This is my first attempt with spike beadsSpiky pendant is beautifully built and embellished beaded bead.
You can play with different color combinations


BeadingTutorial Babiole BraceletBabiole bracelet

is an easy and quick beading project.
Design is also great for a necklace.
Beading instruction is very detailed
with photos of each step.


Beading Tutorial Freya Necklace

Freya Necklace

This necklace is an easy and relatively
quick to make beading project.
Both sides of the necklace are beautiful,
so you can choose on what side you are
going to wear it.

BeadingTutorial Fancy Rectangle RingFancy Rectangle Ring

This ring is pure classic and it’s not difficult to make it.
You should know odd and even peyote stitch.
Anyway, I explained in the tutorial turn for odd peyote stitch.


Beading Tutorial Medallion PendantBeautiful Medallion Pendant

This pendant is easy and quick to make.
There is no specific stitch you should know.
Beading instruction for Medallion pendant is very detailed.