Bead addict

Ellad2-Bead addiction Ok, I confess:  ” I am a bead addict and  I am happy with that!”

But what is maybe more important to you, I like to share the things I know about beading. So, “Welcome to my learning center!” And for the record: I am still learning… 🙂

With my Beading Tutorials you can learn a variety of beading techniques, bead work stitches and how to make our own precious jewelry.

You will also find some beading shapes what are common in the “beading world” You can find them almost everywhere.

I didn’t invent them.  I made them on my way! When you learn the system how to bead, then it depends on your own creativity what you are going to do with it.
How you are going to make combinations (different shapes, different stitches, different beads…) and finally  you will make your own masterpiece.  Don’t forget that inspiration is everywhere!!! And maybe one day you will understand my bead addiction and passion.

bead addiction

Also, I share with you my original designs, patterns and ways how to make that specific piece of jewelry.

My  Beading Tutorials are very detailed, with a lot of photos and  step by step beading instructions. Beading and making jewelry by your own is a great adventure and fun (maybe also a good way for some extra money…)

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The Jewelry  you make using my Beading Tutorials and Patterns you have purchased, are free to sell in your shop or at beading shows. The only thing I ask for that: “Please, give credit to Ellad2.” And the best way to give credit is a  link to my website (  See my term & conditions

Thank you in advance . Have a nice day always and Happy Beading!

Ellad2- Beading Tutorials