Terms and Conditions

Beading Tutorials for Personal & Commercial use:

By purchasing a beading tutorial from Ellad2.com you agree to the following terms and conditions.

The basic is very simple:
The beading tutorial you have purchased is for personal use only.
You DON’T have the permission to share, sell, copy or distribute anything from the beading tutorial. The copyrights will remains with Ellad2.com

To be more specific that includes:

  • The design of the beaded jewelry.
  • The Beading Tutorial (PDF file) including all text and photos.

Exceptions for personal use:

  • You are welcome to sell items you made from my beading tutorials, you have purchased, as long it is not mass production.
  •  Give credit for the design to Ellad2 when you publish your work
    Practical: Give a link to Ellad2.com

Commercial use:
Also very simple.
When you are interested in:

  • Teaching, please contact me for details.

Tutorials refund policy:

  • Because the beading tutorial is a digital good (PDF file), it is unfortunately nonrefundable.
  • A transaction becomes final once the PDF file of the beading tutorial is downloaded or e-mailed to the buyer.
  • In case that you were not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me.

Changes to this document
Changes to this document may be made time to time without warning. Ellad2.com may or may not notify you of changes.  Any changes made will be posted here.