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Ladies Fan Earrings

earrings-ladies-fan-by-ellad2Ladies Fan Earrings with Twin beads

Since I got my two-hole Twin beads, I was busy to make some nice things with them. So, the first project – Ladies Fan Earrings. Easy and quick to make.

Preciosa Ornela presents the exclusive Czech two-hole Twin seed bead. Twin, a new seed bead from  PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads , offers much more creativity and possibilities.

The Seed bead has dimensions of 2.5 x 5 mm and they have 80 different colors. Unfortunately, I have only 3 colors, till now… 🙂

For me, it’s easier to work with them then with Miyuki Tila beads, because of their oval shape.


As I see them, they are also very suitable for netting. So, I will try that, too. 🙂


There are not so much beading patterns with Twin seed beads, so this is my little contribution to all beading fans.



Beading Tutorial/pattern for Ladies Fan Earrings you can find  in My Shop

You have great assortment of Twin Seed Beads in GotBeadsNY shop on Etsy.



Shortly after I launched the beading pattern for Ladies Fan Earrings,
my beading friends made them.
Here is their work. You have to admit that they did a great job!


Ladies-Fan-earrings-by Betti



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