Free Beading Tutorials

Beside my “paid ” tutorials, I also have some free beading tutorials.

You will find on this page some basic beading Tutorials and in my shop I “hide” some other Beading Tutorials that you can download for free.

When I have started beading  I realized that I have a big handicap:
I really can not read beading diagrams :)
I am more a visual person, when I see a picture I understand everything.
I could not imagine that I was the only one with this  diagram handicap.

That is why my tutorials  are:
– easy to follow;
– step by step;
– photos of each step;
– and clear beading instructions.

I hope I can help you a little bit with my way of explaining.

 Free beading tutorial

  Tutorial Flat even count Peyote stitch


Free beading tutorial


Tutorial Flat odd count Peyote Stitch


Free beading Tutorial

Tutorial Cute Ring 


Free beading tutorial

Flat Right Angle Weave 

Step by step with photos of each step (23 pages)
Flat RAW, how to make horizontal (transformation in Cubic RAW)
and vertical connection (ring shape),  short view with embellishment, finishing…