Free Beading Tutorials

Free beading tutorial - Beading Patterns and Tutorials by Ellad2This is a page for beginners.

When I have started to bead  I realized that I have a big handicap:

I really cannot read beading diagrams :)

For sure, I am more a visual person. When I see a picture I understand it much better.
After a while I realized that there are more people like me…


That is why my beading tutorials  are:

  • Easy to follow;
  • with color photos of each step;
  • with written description of each photo/step.

This are some basic stitches but don’t forget to search in my shop for more and other free beading tutorials.

Free Tutorial Flat Odd Peyote Stitch - Ellad2 Free Beading Tutorial Flat Even Peyote Stich- Ellad2Free beading Tutorial Cute RIng -Ellad2Free beading Tutorial Flat Right Angle Weave - Ellad2